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Our Biggest Mistakes

There are common mistakes we make as self managed artists, believe me I've made them all! Here are the Top 5 missteps many artists make at the beginning of their career..


Useful and reliable resources for self-managed indies.

Give me some money

I see applying for grants as formulating a business plan with a $5-$15,000 carrot dangling at the end. I hate doing them but they make a world of difference and provide us with that all important cash flow so we don’t...

Interview: Mick Harvey

Mick Harvey is a rare breed of artist – he’s made a living playing in bands outside of the Australian mainstream.

The future of music

Mia Dyson is one of the most important people in the music industry – to me.

Don't worry, get busy

Wally De Backer aka Gotye has spent over ten years working tirelessly at his music. For the first two albums, Boardface (2003) and Like Drawing Blood (2006) he was self-managed.


In the late 90’s the move from Perth to Melbourne was still a big one. Before you could Google your way around the world, everything took longer. 

Friends (and I'm not talking about the virtual kind)

One of the most common questions people ask at our workshops is “How do I build my audience? How do I play to people other than my friends?”. To which I reply, “By playing to your friends.” 


When I first started out in music I had no idea what I was doing.

We were gonna do it anyway

“The labels have been snookered by Steve Jobs, who could sense their ignorance and preyed upon them.” Bob Lefsetz.

I Manage My Music

The most important people a musician will ever need throughout their career are other musicians.