Mia Dyson is one of the most important people in the music industry – to me.

It’s not because she can do anything to move my career forward, there’s no little black book of contacts or some amazing ‘label guy’ she can introduce me to.

It’s because she goes through the same thing I do everyday as a songwriter and performer – as an independent self-managed artist releasing music today. We’ve watched each other develop as musicians and niche business owners, celebrated each other’s successes and listened when it’s all felt too hard.

Recently Mia embarked on her first ever Pledge Campaign raising 50% of her target in the first 2 days and the total amount in just 7 days. The campaign was (and is still running) for another 5 weeks. I decided to film a very technically unsophisticated video of our Skype chat discussing her first ever experience of crowd-funding and why we both think it’s the future of music making for indies.

Crowd funding comes at a time when the music ‘industry’ has failed and for those starting out, I believe it’s even more impetus for you to start building your fanbase show by show, song by song. Let’s make this a two way discussion, we’re keen to hear what you think.